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When Dr Terry McKinley visits a fishing spot with special associations for him he finds the river and its environment dead. He smells ammonia and is determined to investigate the cause. He and his colleague, Dr Maggie Ferris, find that the culprit is a mutant organism that is spreading through oceans, rivers and lakes all over the world, replacing the oxygen in the atmosphere with ammonia. Their attempts to prevent a planet-wide ecodisaster lead them to the U.S.A. By the time they discover what is behind it, three people have been murdered and ammonia is rising everywhere. Terry suggests a desperate measure that may buy them enough time to develop a solution, and the race is on.

380 pages.

Rickshaw Publishing Ltd., December 2013. Click here for Amazon link.

ISBN 9780956536860 (Kindle version ASIN: B00GM7UCP8)