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Jupiter Run

It’s 2159 and Dan’s friend Bunny Marshall leaves to establish an experimental colony on Jupiter’s moon Io. Then, in a series of highly coordinated attacks, a shuttle is taken from Space Fleet’s Test Establishment, California, munitions are stolen from a military depot in Scotland, and a giant E-class spacefreighter is hijacked from Earth orbit.
What follows will call for all Dan Larssen’s courage and resourcefulness as he prepares for a final showdown on Io.

“The barren beauty of this place had a curious effect on Bunny. There was a timelessness about it. It had been here long before life appeared in the oceans of her home planet. Dinosaurs had roamed the Earth, successive ice ages had come and gone, and all the time this alien landscape was out here, four hundred million miles away, unobserved, unsuspected. She felt small and insignificant, a mote of dust in a vast universe, her life less than a blink in its history.”

352 pages

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ISBN-13: 978-1718939776