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The Man in Two Bodies

At University Michael Barrett and Rodger Dukas are considered an odd pair. Mike is sociable and streetwise, whereas Rodge is aloof, unworldly and intellectually brilliant. Yet each seems to get something out of their loose friendship. They get degrees in Physics and go their separate ways.

Mike finds it hard to settle into a career and, after four years, he returns to the College to do a Master’s Degree. Fortuitously he learns that Rodge is still there and they pick up their relationship again. Mike becomes involved in Rodge’s research and they make a series of sensational discoveries. Characteristically it is Mike who perceives the dangers, but also the possibilities of the new technology, possibilities that soon reveal a dark and ruthless side to Rodge’s character. Mike’s girlfriend, Suzy, is attracted to Rodge, and this introduces a new tension into the relationship. The stage is set for an astounding sequence of events.

276 pages

Published by Fingerpress, February 2014. Click here for Amazon link.

ISBN: 978-1-908824-40-0 (Kindle version ASIN: B00IC5DMLE)